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The Business Development Arm of the Enoch Cree Nation.

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Enoch Cree Nation Corporate

RCDC is the business development arm of the Enoch Cree Nation (ECN). From small business development to multi-million dollar endeavors, RCDC creates economic advances for the Enoch Cree Nation.

To discuss your business needs and or opportunities, please contact RCDC.

Enoch Cree Nation

The Enoch Cree Nation is a First Nation community situated in a unique and prominent geographical location; bordering the western City limits of Edmonton, 10 kilometers southwest of St. Albert, and 18 kilometers north of Devon on highway #60.

The total land base of Enoch Cree Nation is 12,933.5 acres with an environmental breakdown of 8,800 acres of agriculture, 200 acres for grazing, 25 acres for industrial, 10 acres for recreation, 2,586 acres for forestry and 1,312.5 acres miscellaneous use.

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Population as of 2019: 2519

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We believe in sharing (matinamato) our experiences and knowledge of our language, culture, traditions, and heritage.